Replica of classic compressor UREI 1176

The UREI 1176 is a classic audio compressor designed by Bill Putnam and first built in 1967. These compressors, because of the distinctive nature of compression, effectiveness and exceptional ease of use, are still appreciated by many engineers around the world and can be found in most studios recording where are still successfully used. The vast most of iconic recordings in the American music industry, starting from the 70's year, was recorded using these compressors. Currently, prices of original units (often heavily exploited) are very high, therefore appear the resumption of this compressor, in version of hardware or software. However, the resumed of hardware version because of difficult access to original parts (often no longer produced) are often clones of this device and not the faithful replicas. The aim of our resumption was to make a replica, which, using the original, old electronic components, would be a faithful reproduction of this device in respect of technically but also visually.

Revision A
Revision D
Revision G